CE design

Session 1 & 2:
Pieter van Os, Circular Design expert Circo
Jeroen Hinfelaar, programme manager Circo

Experience and enjoy what Circular Design is about and how going circular can grow (your) business. During HCEW, on Tuesday, June 12, two one-hour pressure cooker mini-workshops are available to you. You’re invited! 

CIRCO inspires and equips businesses to start going circular, by “creating business through circular design”. Via a three day, design-thinking workshop approach, we empower participating companies to (re)design their circular product, service and/or business model. In the past three years, over 250 companies already participated, representing all different sectors such as maritime, furniture, plastics, fashion, electronics, and the building environment. Next to that, CIRCO trained 180 creative professionals such as product designers and architects, and challenged them to take up their role as a circular change agent. In the last two years, CIRCO has made its first international steps. Today, we are developing plans to cross the Dutch border in a more structural way in close cooperation with Holland Circular Hotspot and with strategic partners per country.