Consumer behaviour

Session 1 & 2: How to make consumer behaviour more sustainable?
Vera Dalm, director Milieu Centraal
Linda Steg, professor environmental psychology University of Groningen

Sustainable Development Goal 12 from the UN is to ‘Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns’. Eventually, to realise a transition towards a circular economy consumer behaviour is crucial. That requires a strong national framework for sustainable consumption and production that is integrated into national and sectoral plans, sustainable business practices and consumer behaviour. However, how to get there? Professor Linda Steg (University of Groningen) and Vera Dalm (Milieu Centraal) are the Dutch experts in this field and will tell you all about it in these breakout sessions. The sessions will be led by Marjolein Mann, policy advisor on textile and behaviour from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Watermanagement. During the sessions the consumer behaviour will be discussed on the local, national and international dimension.

Vera Dalm is the director of Milieu Centraal, a Dutch NGO which informs consumers about sustainable choices. For example, they advise on what kind of food has the lowest CO2 production or on how to reduce disposable diaper waste. Their aim is to make sustainability more practical and comprehensible for consumers.

Linda Steg is professor of Environmental Psychology at the University of Groningen. She studies factors influencing environmental behaviour, including energy use and mobility behaviour, factors influencing the acceptability and effects of environmental policy, and the relationship between pro-environmental behaviour and quality of life. She studies the human dimension of climate change, a sustainable energy transition, and a circular economy.