Session 1 & 2:
Towards a circular economy: Public-Private Partnerships
Michiel Bodt, Consultant, Kirkman Company
Marie-Jeanine Citroen, Manager foreign investments, SADC
Jeanet van Antwerpen, CEO, SADC

The world is changing at an ever increasing pace. Our society is becoming more and more complex, as are its challenges. To name a few: resource depletion, plastic soup and climate change are examples of challenges that have become too large and too complex for singular entities to solve. Solving these problems asks for a multidisciplinary and integrated approach, building on the strengths, capacities and expertise of governments, corporates, startups, NGO’s, and other organizations.

That is why Kirkman Company, specialist in transforming to a sustainable world, has developed the expertise of uniting all these organizations: we build public private partnerships. Public-private partnerships (PPP) allow entities from all shapes and sizes to collaborate and share knowledge, ideas, and best practices about society’s challenges. Sharing these in a PPP allow the whole to become greater than the sum of all its parts. Let us introduce you to the world of PPP’s and see what PPP’s can do for your world! Perfect examples of working towards a circular economy through PPP are Schiphol Area Development Company & Amsterdam Airport Area, which will be presented during this session. We are looking forward meeting you June 12!