Workshop Dutch-Nordic-Baltic visions on Circular Cities

Date: Monday June 11th
Time: 13.00 – 16.00 h
Location: Hoofddorp

Transport between The Hague and Hoofddorp will be arranged for international delegations.

On Monday June 11th it is possible to participate in the workshop Dutch-Nordic-Baltic visions on Circular Cities. Registration is part of the HCEW event registration. If you already registered for the event but not yet for this workshop: register via


In this workshop, all countries are welcome to meet the Dutch, The Nordics and The Baltics-representatives that are working with circular cities. We hope to achieve further cooperation between the countries that are present on governmental but also on business level. This workshop is a good start to learn, to show, to discuss and to find partner countries.

The Dutch consultancy and venture building company Metabolic (, will present their vision on a circular city and explain their cities program. You will get to know some Dutch case studies with best practices but also meet the challenges The Dutch still have. Participants are invited to present their cases and challenges as well, as this workshop offers you an opportunity to exchange knowledge and find inspiring examples of circularity.

We will discuss topics like:

  • What does the circular city look like in future?
  • What showcase would you like to share with us?
  • What are your main challenges on circular cities and what do you need to accelerate the process?
  • How did others do it?